Mohamed Khairy
Who is?
Management and Leadership: 19+ Years of professional experience in multi-national companies (Vodafone and Coca-Cola), having a distinguished career marked by accomplishments in leading different entities in “IT, Technology, Finance and Business Marketing”, with great focusing on innovation part. Formulating and managing department strategy and roadmap including budget planning and cost containment. Leading and improving department’s KPIs, focusing on maximizing revenue, reducing cost and achieving / maintaining customer delight. Following different management styles to find solutions or alternatives, focusing on people capabilities, process improvement, proactive approaches and product life cycle enhancement. Building collaborative relationships with all stakeholders.

Program Management: Has track record of driving and delivering large and complex engagements in both business and technical sides including creating trust at C-level. Leading / initiating / participating in 10s of management programs (e.g. business / technical solutions, customer management, revenue / finance revamping, revenue assurance innovation, IT systems implementation and transformation “billing & charging / customer relationship management / data-warehousing / erp/ internet apps”, postpaid and free units simulation) from conception to delivery, managing all of them according to the international program management standard.

Information Technology: Leading different IT entities, within my working area developing IT strategy and roadmap to cope with the company strategy and to support the rest of the company in smooth way, revamping IT activities and processes starting from budget and resource planning going through implementing and improving most of integrated IT systems. Building on Business Intelligence experience to provide different insights to support the management in decision making based on timely and accurate analysis. Leading cost reduction initiatives to support in reducing department expenses by millions. Managing different vendors starting from evaluation and selection process, ensuring all contracts and services are acquired with cost effective deals.

Revenue Assurance, Fraud, Cost & Revenue Management: Leading and revamping revenue assurance department, improving its revenue measures “”around 30% improvement YoY”” and prompting the revenue assurance across the company. Delivering complete and cost effective coverage and assurance for all revenue streams “Voice, Data, SMS, Services, Roaming, Interconnect” through evaluating and implementing wide ranges of end to end controls from call initiation to booking activity, improving analytical and reporting activities. Initialing and leading revenue management and business assurance program as well as leading strong program to implement, integrate and improve the revenue assurance systems and associated activities, minimizing revenue leakage or unnecessary cost and therefore maximizing EBITDA and cash-flows in the most efficient way possible. Guest speaker in some international events.

Business Operations and Customer Experience: Leading and improving commercial operation entity, highly contributing in improving customer experience through many programs, creating marketing and sales opportunities as well as achieving exceptional results (marketing innovation, fixed transformation, sales transformation, improving customer relationship and loyalty programs, customer service assurance, improving business reporting)
  • Senior Consultant/ Program Director: (Telecom Egypt, Ooredoo Telecom - Algeria, Jawwal Palestine, IBM, Riyadh Bank)
  • 2015 : 2016: Vodafone Group – Newbery UK , Vodafone Malta, Senior Consultant
  • 2013 : 2014, Vodafone, Enterprise Business, Commercial Operations Senior Manager
  • 2008 : 2013, Vodafone, Finance, Revenue Assurance Senior Manager
  • 2001 : 2007, Vodafone, Technology, Technical Expert: IT DBs / Systems, DWH, Billing, CRM, Revenue Assurance, ERP & Internet Apps
  • 1998 : 2001, Coca-Cola, IT, Team Leader: Database Administration, DWH, ERP Implementation and Support
  • 1997, Automation Consultants, IT, Analyst, Developer
  • Sep1996 : Jun1996, Information Technology Institute, Software Skills Development Program, 1Y Working Experience